Welcome to
Location: Anywhere

Welcome to Location: Anywhere.

Location Anywhere is a global community of driven individuals who want to live on their own terms by creating a location independent lifestyle for themselves. As online entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote employees, they are able to live and work anywhere and enjoy the freedom of not being tied to any one location.

Part mastermind, part social space, the community provides a safe and open platform for individuals to connect, network and support each other on their journeys as they build their location independent lifestyles.

Are you ready to take the next step to becoming location independent or take it up a level?

Location anywhere provides all the resources you need to become location independent – and then thrive.

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Location: Anywhere is the #1 community for digital nomads, freelancers and remote workers (and those aspiring to be one!). Join us and start meeting other digital nomads today.


Looking for ways to take the next step? Connect with other remote workers at one of our IRL meet-ups, retreats or workshops.
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Ready to take things to the next level? Develop new valuable skills and up your professional game in the Location: Anywhere Academy.