Welcome to Location: Anywhere, the community for creative entrepreneurs and remote workers. 

We help individuals become (and remain!) location independent through events, training and collaboration.


The world is changing and our core mission is to help you adapt to it – and use it to design the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed. Whether that means spending more time at home with your family or cutting all ties to live nomadically and travel the world, there are more opportunities out there than ever before.

Whatever your dream lifestyle looks like, we want to help you achieve and sustain it.

Thanks to technology, the possibilities are almost endless. You no longer need to commute to an office every day to have a successful career or work for a leading company. Your job doesn’t need to be tied to any location or time zone. You may not even need to work full-time hours to make a full-time income (or two).

Today, you can have exactly the life you want if you put your mind to it.

But we know that it can be a little overwhelming. When you choose a path that’s still relatively new and unknown, it’s hard to know if you’re doing it right. You might not even know what’s possible.

And that’s where we come in.

Location: Anywhere is a community dedicated to helping you achieve location independence – whatever that means to you.

Location independent workers
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If you’re new here, take a look around to see where we can help you on your next steps to location independence.


  • If you have an idea of what your ideal life might look like, our membership community provides a wealth of resources, guides and action plans. We upload new content every month and run live online events regularly so you can get answers to all your questions answered.


  • If you’re really serious about creating a sustainable online business, our workshops and retreats are an all-in-one accelerator and in-person mastermind experience. As well as taking away new ideas for how to explode your business and get to where you want to be, you’ll also leave with a new, close-knit family of like-minded souls that you can turn to at any time.


  • And no matter what stage you’re at in your journey, everyone is welcome in our completely free Facebook community. Come and take a look – there’s no obligation to stick around, but we have feeling you won’t want to leave.


We’re not just about helping people live out their location independent dreams. We do that – but we also do so much more.

Location independence isn’t a goal you hit and then move on. It’s not always as dreamy as Instagram would have you believe. Sustaining a location independent is a challenge in itself, full of ups and downs and new obstacles to overcome.

That’s why a large part of what we do is for people who are already living their best lives.

Perhaps you’re looking for more connection in your life now that you don’t have colleagues around you every day.

Maybe you’re ready to make a career change but want to know how to do it without giving up your location independence.

Or maybe it’s time to scale your business and create an income that’s more passive, so you have the time or money you need to explore your next big idea.

Whatever is next for you, our events and community are here to support you every step of the way.

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